Seasonal Considerations

Capturing Autumn’s Brilliance: Native Trees and Shrubs in Fall


As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, nature unveils its most breathtaking spectacle: the fall foliage. Among the stars of this seasonal show are native trees and shrubs, each donning a unique palette of colors. Nyssa sylvatica, the Sour Gum, steals the spotlight with its leaves transforming from yellow to deep glossy scarlet, creating a vibrant contrast against the autumn sky. A harmonious pairing could be the Liquidambar styraciflua, Sweet Gum, which adds fiery reds and oranges to the canvas, creating a beautiful symphony of fall colors.

Amidst these colors, the Quercus rubra, Red Oak, stands tall with its deep red leaves, and the traditional oak leaf shape never gets old. This trio of trees helps to enhance the beauty of our landscapes while also presenting a wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of fall through creative crafts!

Crafting Autumn Memories:

Leaf Pressing:

Gather leaves from your favorites! We love Sassafras since it’s one of the first plants to sport its bright fall colors and offers three different leaf shapes. Try preserving their vibrant colors by pressing them between sheets of wax paper and heavy books. Once dried, these flattened leaves can adorn photo frames or be arranged into captivating artwork, immortalizing the hues of fall.

DIY Wreaths:

Use Bittersweet’s bright orange foliage as the base for your wreath and add the varied leaves of Sour Gum, Sweet Gum, and  Red Oak to craft stunning wreaths! Interweave the leaves on a wire frame, creating a beautiful centerpiece for your door. Add pinecones and acorns for a rustic touch, celebrating the fall harvest.

Leaf Garland:

Thread dried leaves onto a sturdy string, creating a garland to decorate your home. Mix and match the colors of Sour Gum, Sweet Gum, and Red Oak leaves for a vibrant, eye-catching display.

Leaf Preservation with Wax:

Preserve your leaves by dipping them in melted beeswax. This method maintains their color and texture, making them ideal for homemade candles or decorative ornaments.

Autumn-inspired Potpourri:

Combine dried Spicebush leaves & berries or Juniper sprigs & berries with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and dried orange peels. Place the mixture in decorative bowls around your home, filling the air with the delightful scent of fall.

Embracing the beauty of native trees & shrubs enriches our surroundings while also providing endless opportunities for creative expression! So, venture outdoors, gather the fallen leaves, and let your imagination run wild. Whether it’s crafting wreaths, pressing leaves, or creating fragrant potpourri, these activities allow us to preserve the essence of fall, bringing its warmth and vibrancy indoors, where its beauty can be cherished year-round.

Happy Crafting!